The war that history wants to forget

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Andries Pretorius whose larger than life presence played a major part in the history of interior South Africa.  by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” One of the growing pains of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek which affected this part of the Magaliesberg was the bad blood between the adherents of the various Voortrekker leaders. Andries Hendrik Potgieter, the

Nooitgedacht Battle Field

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by Albrecht Holm – Hartbeespoort Environment Heritage Association (HEHA)  After the British invaded Pretoria on 5 June 1900, only one regular set battle took place at Donkerhoek. After this, the Boer troops regrouped and commenced with guerrilla warfare, which continued till 1902. General Koos de la Rey led the troops in the Western

Rietfontein West Military Camp 85 Hospital

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Colonel Baden Powell by Ian Copley From a bivouac site for the cavalry and passing units, then Baden-Powell’s fortified HQ camp and communications post, followed by a Boer laager and a general’s HQ, the site rapidly developed, within a few months, into a 900-man garrison and depot, complete with batteries of guns giving

The second Battle of Silkaatsnek

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by Ian Copley After the July 11th battle of Silkaatsnek, Pretoria was cut off from Rustenburg and the Western Transvaal and concurrent events at Elands River. The Boers under De la Rey controlled the passes of Silkaatsnek and Commando Nek, and the road further along Die Moot. Consequently, on August 1St General Ian

The Mystery of Lt. Pilkington

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by Ian Copley On the day after the first battle of Silkaatsnek the Royal Scots ‘Greys’ doctor returned from Pretoria with a wagon for the wounded. The Boers assisted in bringing down the dead and wounded from the nek although all the dead were not brought down for several days. In collecting

Ambush at Kalkheuwel Pass

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General Sir John French by Ian Copley There was no Hartbeespoort Dam in those days. The agricultural storage dam was only created more than twenty years later as was the railway line. However the waters covered the direct road from Pretoria to Rustenburg, hence the road is presently diverted over the

The Battle of Silkaatsnek

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by Ian Copley The Guerrilla phase of the conflict began with the battle of Silkaatsnek on 11 July 1900. There were three other engagements on the same day at Dwarsvlei 40 miles to the west, Witpoort 10 miles to the east and Onderstepoort 5 miles north of Pretoria. The British lost the first

The Boer War in Hartbeespoort

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British troops in Hartbeespoort by Ian Copley General Lord Roberts reached Pretoria on June 5th. 1900 from the Cape after several set—piece battles astride the railway line. His extended lines of communication were very vulnerable to attack a fact taken notice of by such as De Wet. However, after the last set-piece

Mountain of conflict

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The Linconshire Regiment under the command of Col HR Roberts south of Silkaatsnek at the present day Birdwood.  by Willie Meyer - from his book "Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope" People travelling from Pretoria or Johannesburg towards the bushveld in Northwest usually have to cross the Magaliesberg either at Kommandonek or Silkaatsnek if they do not go over the dam

Saartjiesnek and the Cross

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The famous artist, Hendrik Pierneef, was commissioned to paint twelve landscapes for the station in Johannesburg. He chose this view of Hartbeespoortdam. The road is still a rough track, the dam is not yet full and there are no houses to be seen. Or did Pierneef feel that they would have spoilt the picture?