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Pierneef’s romance in Hartbeespoort

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Pierneef and Mariane in front of the fireplace in the dining room of the Agnes Hotel. by Deon van Huizen The famous South African master, Pierneef, spent some time during his career in Hartbeespoort, Pierneef portrayed the Magaliesberg in various works. After resigning as a lecturer in 1923 he became a

The Renaissance people

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Eric (snr) and Elly Holm. by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” Leonardo Da Vinci was the archetypical Renaissance man - engineer, biologist, painter, sculptor and musician. It seems almost impossible that one person can have so many varied talents, but certain families seem to breed talent. In Hartbeespoort the Holm

No pipe dream

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Judith Bezuidenhout after whom Judith's Paarl in Johannesburg was named. by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” About 275 kilometres North of Beijing are the ruins of Shanduk - in English known as Xanadu - the ancient summer residence of the Yuan dynasty, then Mongolian rulers of China. It is probably the mystique of

A smooth blend

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Eric and Dolly Scrooby at the Voortrekker Monument with the Great Trek centenary in 1938. by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” OB Scrooby says there are no more Scroobys in Scrooby - the place in Nottinghamshire in England which gave the Scrooby family its name. They have all emigrated mostly to

Oom Paul’s shadow

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President Paul Kruger.  by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” The Krugers were not among the first families to settle in the Moot, but their lives through the years have been closely intertwined with the area. Apart from the fact that Paul Kruger through the years, as member of the

Bushveld artiller

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Martinus Ras and the Martienie. by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” When there is talk of the Ras family of Bokfontein, one immediately thinks of the Ras canon, the artillery piece that was built by a blacksmith farmer for use against the English in the First Anglo Boer War in 1881. Although the

The die-hards of Rietfontein

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The Voortrekker Cornelius Engelbrecht who settled at Rietfontein in 1843 by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” Longevity is a trademark of the Engelbrecht family of Rietfontein. People who would be regarded by other families as elderly are still youngsters in Engelbrecht terms. At least, that is the impression one gets if one

The brothers of Broederstroom

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The gate at the entrance to Grootplaats is a historical monument. Photograph by Willie Meyer by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” Broederstroom was established in the early 1840s when the Pretorius brothers, Piet, Bart and Wynand settled on the banks of the Crocodile River – hence the name Broederstroom. Piet (Henning Petrus Nicolas),

Diary of an exile

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Hermanus and Ellie Ras with their children and grand-children on their Golden Wedding anniversary on 28 February 1938. Photograph supplied by Johan Ras. by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” The history of the Ras family of Bokfontein is dominated by Marthinus Ras's building of the canon that was used in the First War of Independence

The war that history wants to forget

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Andries Pretorius whose larger than life presence played a major part in the history of interior South Africa.  by Willie Meyer – from his book “Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope” One of the growing pains of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek which affected this part of the Magaliesberg was the bad blood between the adherents of the various Voortrekker leaders. Andries Hendrik Potgieter, the